Vibratory Stress Relieving


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When to use VSR?

VSR can be used at different stages of manufacture, most normally after fabrication or casting, but for components requiring high levels of  accuracy and stability VSR can be applied after rough machining and if supreme accuracy and stability are required then the process can be reapplied prior to finish grinding thereby treating any build up of machining stress.

By adopting this method greater accuracy than obtained by thermal treatment is often possible.


Why use VSR?

VSR is much quicker than thermal treatment, instead of hours soaking in a furnace it takes minutes in resonace.

With VSR there are no additional transport cost as treatment can be carried out on site.

VSR does not cause discolouration or scaling and virtually eliminates distortion unlike thermal treatments, so there is no need for reworking and shotblasting etc.

VSR can also be carried out immediately a component is removed from a machin therby reducing downtime and the need for re-setting.



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